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Blog #126~Nick and the Varsity Football Team

Blog #126~Nick and the Varsity Football Team

Recently Nick and his respite worker Jodi were taking a walk around the Waubonsie Lake trail. Suddenly, Nick took off running towards the high school.  Jodi scanned past the trail to figure out what Nick was going after.  His face lights up.  Oh no, it’s the “KEY TREE!”

key tree

The football players hang their car keys here.

Nick is 21 years old and has Down syndrome and autism. Long before the 34 fire alarms he has pulled since third grade, he discovered car remotes.  He sought them out feverishly.  He’d even fish them out of babysitter’s purses, run to the front door, and set off their car alarms.

Back to the key tree…… Nick is cheetah fast when it comes to setting off alarms.  Jodi had no intention of letting Nick disrupt football practice so she sacrificed her own remote to distract him.  Hey, I’ve said it before.  Its Nick’s world, the rest of us are just trying to keep up. 🙂

When football practice was over, Jodi took Nick over to say hi to the team. Her son, Tyler plays center for the Waubonsie Valley High School football team.  Nick is about half his size standing 5’2 and weighing barely 110 pounds soaking wet.

Nick with Tyler….

Nick and Tyler

On Thursday nights after practice, the players get treated to a pasta dinner. Nick helps set up and pour drinks for all the players.  He elbow bumped each player as they came through to get their food.

Nick loves his pasta!

Nick meatballs

He also assisted in cleaning up afterwards…..

Nick and Dan

After dinner Nick helped the coaches pass out the senior’s white jerseys. He kissed each jersey before he tossed them at the players.  They would laugh and elbow bump him as each passed through the line.

Nick has a way of livening things up. The Warrior football players are always excited to see him at practices and dinner.  They have named Nick their “Warrior Dude”.  As a mom, it makes me so happy to know that Nick is getting out in the world, meeting new friends and bringing smiles (and chuckles) along the way.  That’s what is in my noggin this week.  Go Warriors!

Nick and Football team

~Teresa 🙂