Favorite Things

*Supporting Positive Behavior in Children and Teens with Down Syndrome, by David S. Stein, Psy.D

Book Supporting Positive Behavior DS

*When Down Syndrome and Autism Intersect, by Margaret Froehlke and Robin Zaborek:

down syndrome and autism intersect

Special Education Savvy: A Mom’s Guide to Mindset and Effective Advocacy Throughout the IEP Journey by Mary Beth Gilliland, M.ED. is the new go-to guide for understanding the IEP process and effective advocacy. Available at Amazon.com

Special Education Savvy Book

*Apraxia of Speech: A comprehensive guide for parents who have a childhood apraxia of speech by Leslie Lindsay.  Available in bookstores and at Amazon.com.

     Speaking of Apraxia Second Edition

Firestarters How Innovators, Instigators, And Initiators Can Inspire You To Ignite Your Life  Available in bookstores and at Amazon.


*Jewelry:  I found some great bling bracelets made by Kelly Neville, She has her own business and is a beautiful young lady who just happens to also have Down syndrome.   Special Sparkle, A special kind of Jewelry Company check it out @ http://www.specialsparkle.com!

*Brittany’s Baskets of Hope Provides welcome baskets to families who have a baby with Down syndrome, free of charge.  To request a basket or make a worthwhile donation http://www.brittanysbaskets.org


*Special Clothing: Downs Designs provides a stylish clothing line with proper fitting for unique body types associated with having Down syndrome which is easy to get on and off @http://www.downsdesigns.com!

*Swim diapers, weighted blankets, etc: @https://squareup.com/market/specialneedsawareness

*Buddy Up Tennis: High energy, adaptive tennis, and fitness program for children and young adults with Down syndrome http://buddyuptennis.com/

*Margritco Margrit Co is a designer jewelry brand that focuses on creating unique, colorful, and lightweight jewelry for women of all ages. We also give 15% of all retail sales to our Down with Business scholarship fund, which benefits ministries and businesses owned and operated by individuals with Down Syndrome. https://margritco.com/

*Favorite Links:  Click over to Helpful Links and Resource Book Pages for many more

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