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DS-ASD~Mom,Take Care of Yourself

DS-ASD~ Mom, Take Care of Yourself

It’s May and the school year is almost done. This month is busy, and parents get pulled in many directions. Being a mom of a special needs child for 25 years, I know first hand the guilt associated with not doing or being enough for my family. My son Nick is 25 and has a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autism (DS-ASD). Over the years, I’ve learned how to cope with the stress and guilt, which can be debilitating. You are no good to your family if you don’t take care of yourself.

Mom quote first step

Here is a blog I wrote a couple of years ago with 3 tips on how to take care of yourself:

mom quote body, mind soul

You can’t pour from and empty cup, so remember to keep yours filled. Your family needs you at your best and you will have more to offer them. Make it a priority to carve out some time each day to take care of yourself.

That’s what is in my noggin this week!

~Teresa 🙂

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Mom,are you taking care of yourself?

Mom, are you taking care of yourself?

Pour Cup

Today, I took a page out of my own blog.  I took some extra time to do something that I love.  Last week I wrote about the importance of doing so.  Sometimes as moms, we are busy doing so much for others.  We don’t always carve out the time to put ourselves first.

In case you missed the blog last Monday, click below………

It was a warm, sunny day and just perfect for planting.  Digging my hands is the soil was good for my soul.  Picking out the color palate of flowers and accents, along with some tomato plants is always so enjoyable to me.  It was a nice slice of peace and serenity that helped me to feel restored and energized. 🙂


I hope all of you moms had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  What are you going to take care of yourself this week?  Give yourself a decadent slice of something sweet that you enjoy, because YOU deserve it!  That’s what is in my noggin this week.

~Teresa 🙂


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Blog #95~ Do Just One Thing

Blog #95~ Do Just One Thing

It feels like a Monday morning.  I’m bouncing around from one thing to the next and getting off track in the process.  I started a load of laundry and took off upstairs to grab my sweaty gym clothes. Speaking of the gym, what playlist am I going to use for spin class tonight?  I paused at the bottom of the stairwell to rescue a drooping hydrangea flower which badly needed water. While upstairs I made the bed, grabbed some hangers and scooped up another basket of dirty clothes.  I heard a strange noise coming out of the laundry room.  The spin cycle wasn’t working on the trusty Kenmore, crap!  I sat down at the computer to schedule a service appointment, but the dryer buzzer went off.  I’d already hit the fluff cycle twice.  Stop and fold them now T!    I tried the spin cycle a few more times, but no go.  After wringing out each piece of clothing and putting them in the dryer, I sat back down to the computer.  What was I doing on it earlier?  I better pop another K-cup in, I have lost my focus.


 The phone rang and on the other end was a message regarding problems with DHS (Department of Human Services) and an old timesheet from April 2013.  That’s just great.  What was I going to do on the computer?  Oh, that’s right I need to schedule a service appointment. Sometimes I wonder…….

Do I have ADHD?


So, here is my to-do list for the week:

Finish resource list for NADS

Schedule NIU lecture and get respite for Nick

Fill out PACT survey

Deposit Nick’s stipend checks

Write article for NADS newsletter

Research essential oils and Bach Flower Remedy

Make Nick’s visual shopping list for fridge

Get eye exam (I am completely out of contacts)

Write thank you notes

Plant flowers

Over half of the list items are related to Nick and his special needs. Managing his adult affairs has become another part time job.  But, I refuse to freak out today.  I’m certain that there are lots of moms *running around like a chicken with their head cut off, much like me.

chicken with head cut off

I am going to follow my own advice from last week’s blog.  Don’t beat yourself up T.  Prioritize this list.  So I made the service appointment- Check!   As for the rest,  I’m going to take a breath, slow down and focus on just one thing.  That’s what is in my noggin this week!

~Teresa 🙂

*According to Wiki Answers:  A chicken with its head cut off tends to still run around aimlessly for several minutes after death. This is because the nerves in the body are still active for a short time. The saying “like a chicken with its head cut off” is a shortened version of “running around like a chicken with its head cut off”