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Blog #81~Dreams for the New Year

Blog #81~Dreams for the New Year

This year I decided on just one resolution.  I am going to require more of my self.  Oh wait one more……Keep the bird feeders filled up!  As I wrote in Blog #79~Reboot 2014, I have a need to start fresh.  It’s time to move past the “stuff called life” that got in the way in 2013.

I have to stop making excuses like “I’m too busy to work on my goals and dreams”.  So, in all areas of my life I am requiring more of myself.  This includes at home, work, writing, personal ambitions and what I expect from Nick (my 19 year old son who has Down syndrome and autism). A good friend of mine gave me a plaque for Christmas which I keep near my laptop.  It says this:

“Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.” ~Theodore Roosevelt

I’ve cracked my knuckles; gotten things organized around the house, and feel ready to take on 2014.  How about you?  What are your dreams for this year?  What is going to keep you on track?  For me visual cues help, much like the icons that Nick uses to navigate his day……..

.IMG01 (13)

My new plaque is a nice reminder to stay on track.  All around the house I’ve sprinkled trinkets around for inspiration…….


I know exactly what my sister Laura, is thinking right now.  There she goes again, deep thoughts by T!

Nick with his Aunt Laura and Uncle Scott…..

IMG01 (3)

Yes I have a reputation in my family of getting a bit reflective. 🙂

daily affirmation 1     daily affirmation 2

Back to Nick’s world,  just what can I do to require more from him?  I was thumbing through some files in my organization frenzy recently.  I stumbled on a one called “Basic Functional Life Skills Curriculum.  I scrolled the list and noted that there many benchmarks he hasn’t met.  He still needs help to become more independent in the areas of grooming, dressing, chores, leisure, etc…..

Yes, he’s rocking my high heels while unloading the dishwasher……

photo (28)

I have to remind myself to slow down. I need to let Nick try more of these things on his own with less guidance from me.  Take some advice from the guru:

ann landers

Having a child with Down syndrome and autism means a reliance on a caregiver at all times. I have come to accept this fact, but I am never giving up.

IMG01 (2)

I’m going to require more from myself to help Nick become the best he can be!  How about you, what are your dreams for 2014?   That’s what is in my noggin this week.