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Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day

I hope everyone is having a nice, relaxing Labor Day weekend.  I’m taking the day off and will press a new blog next week.  Until then, if you haven’t read “Stuff On My Cat, Part II”, kick your feet up and enjoy @

~Teresa 🙂

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Blog #61~Stuff On My Cat Part II

Blog #61~ Stuff on my Cat Part II

Stuff + Cats= Awesome

stuff on my cat book

That’s the motto for the internet phenomenon called “Stuff on my cat.”  Here’s what Amazon wrote about this book by Mario Garza:

“It began with a handful of digital photographs of office supplies, toys, and spare computer parts thoughtfully placed on Mario Garza’s snoozing cat, Love. Over time, the objects became bigger: remote controls, shoes, empty pizza boxes. And then cat owners everywhere were sucked into the Internet phenomenon that is defined by a simple motto: stuff + cats = awesome.  Culled from the thousands of outrageous photographs submitted by mischievous animal lovers, here are 200 of the most unbelievably entertaining images of cats with all manner of things on them: wigs, Easter eggs, dogs, cheeseburgers, cookware, gummi bears, action figures, tiaras, beer cans, pinecones, a statue of the Buddha, and much more. An introduction by the site’s creator explains the Stuff on My Cat philosophy, and playful illustrations and graphics are sprinkled throughout.”

In Blog #33~Stuff On My Cat (located in the December 2012 Archives), I wrote and shared numerous pictures of random objects we put on our cats over the years.  Why do we do this?  I have to embrace Mario Garza’s philosophy to answer this one.  Our cats rule the house.  Sleeping all day long wherever the sun radiates, claiming the fresh, warm laundry as their “personal paradise” and plopping on your lap even if you just want to sit down for a second.

God forbid you disturb them.  I have to contort my legs with bizarre yoga moves  slinking out of bed so as not to disturb her slumber. She wields her power at 5:00 a.m. letting out piercing cries and meows that sound as if you haven’t fed her in a week.  So, why put stuff on our cats?  Mario Garza is right on his philosophy:  “There is a very satisfying shift of power going on.  Now I’m in control when I sneak up behind her while she naps and put a pancake on top of her head-checkmate.” 🙂

Check out a few from the website……

stuff on my cat loaded

stuff on cat with cig

stuff on my cat glasses

stuff on my cat post its

Nick loves to do this too,  he is 19 and has Down syndrome and autism.  Here are some of the stunts he’s pulled on our 16+ year old  tabby……..

photo (121)

Mellie has some company, Nick’s plush animals and a Taco Bell dog….

photo (122)

Another deluge of toys along with a package of microwave popcorn…..

photo (128)

Mellie is trying to relax in her 1:00 p.m. sun spot.  Nick had other ideas his PECS icons, (Picture Exchange System.) I think he was communicating that he missed his brother, Hank and friend/respite worker, Bobby……

photo (123)

Apparently Nick thinks Mellie is expecting an important call…. 🙂

photo (119)

More fun with PECS icons….Nick mapped out his agenda last Friday…….

photo (124)

“Oh Kitty, go get me some Sprite please!”

photo (127)

I get a kick out of how creative Nick is and appreciate his mischievous side.  Here is one of Nick who had been “stimming” (a trait of autism) with my makeup mirror. He fell asleep next to the cat who had melded herself to a warm towel out of  the dryer…… apparently the cat doesn’t hold a grudge….. 🙂


Speaking of being mischievous, here are a couple I did.  Oh I just can’t resist every once in awhile…. hee, hee, hee…… 🙂

Cinco de Mayo Mellie….. Ole!

photo (130)

“The Graduate”

photo (129)

Hope you enjoyed the second installment of stuff on my cat.  Next week I will get back to part two of “Wandering and Autism”.  Sometimes its fun to be mischievous. That’s what is in my noggin this week, meow!

~Teresa 🙂



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Blog #33~ Stuff on my Cat

Blog #33~ Stuff on my Cat

December is such a crazy, busy month so I am going to keep the posts light and quick.  I have yet to talk about one important member of the family.  That is Miss Mellie, our 16 year grey tabby.  She has a rough life following the sun coming into the house and basking in the glow……

photo (117)

When she’s not soaking up the rays she is usually on somebody’s lap.  Here she is not quite a year old with Hank, age 4……


When the boys were toddlers I had an orange tabby named Woody who lived to the ripe old age of 17.  Woody didn’t have much to do with the boys. Note Nick again leaning on his brother.  You can see his low muscle tone which is a characteristic of Down syndrome…


My sister, Laura pointed out a great website called “Stuff on my Cat” a few years back.  This site is a hoot, check it out at

stuff on my cat post its

For as long as I can remember we have been putting random things on our cats.  By the way cat lovers, they also have a book and calendar too. We’ve had a lot of fun with this.  So have Hank and Nick!

Hank put a toy cowboy hat on top of Miss Mellie. Howdy partner…… 🙂


Then he put a Superman cape on my sister’s cat, Paco……It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no its Super Cat!


Nick has followed suit with putting stuff on our cat… not always to Miss Mellie’s liking.  He likes to give her love pats and he thinks it’s hilarious to sneeze on her too.  Nick has Down syndrome and autism.

photo (121)

Poor Mellie has fallen victim to some of Nick’s dumping (Blog #3 Getting your Goat has the complete list of dumps!)  Let’s see…. baby powder, fajita seasoning, PEC icons, then splat…. Head and Shoulders shampoo….

photo (112) 

Nick thought that was so cool he gave himself a couple of dollops…… 🙂

photo (108)

Here kitty, hope you enjoy one of my stim toys…..

photo (118)

Who needs a Velcro strip, Nick just uses the cat…..

photo (123)

If there are no other laps available she will get desperate and settle for Nick.


Mellie is pretty lazy but there are two things she will jump up for.  The sound of the can opener sends her sprinting to the kitchen.  “Oh yes it must be tuna!”

photo (119)

The other is the dryer door closing.  That means warm laundry and maybe a dryer sheet on her head………

photo (116)

Meow to the Easter Kitty…..

mellie with ears

Mellie stoned on Christmas cat nip…..




She seems to be doing well despite the stuff we put on her.  That’s what is in my noggin this week.  Until next Monday may you take time during the holiday hustle and bustle to enjoy what makes you happy like a good cozy lap!


Meow….. 🙂