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Blog #49~April is what?

Blog # 49~April is what? 

April 2nd was “Autism Awareness Day.”  Nick and I didn’t wear blue to show support or acceptance.  Quite frankly, I forgot.  I am down in the trenches trying to keep him from running the faucets full blast, pushing the popcorn button on the microwave and dumping out my cup of coffee all over the floor every single day.  Seems to me they should have kicked it off on April fool’s Day. 🙂

April and autism awareness…..

light it up blue

I applaud these gestures.  In the October archives (Blog #26~Down syndrome Awareness Month), I posted some pictures of iconic places lit up pink in support of breast cancer and shared some ways to support Down syndrome which is also during that month.

Here are a few light it up blue pictures…..

blue eiffel tower

Chicago lights it up blue…..

photo (119)

The CDC estimates that about 1 in 88 children has been identified with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and a study released just last week suggests that number may be even higher. In the Medical Daily article it stated: “A recent government survey as report of more than 95,000 parents in U.S. exceeds previously recorded accounts.  Now 1 in 50 schoolchildren between the ages of 6 and 17 are diagnosed with autism.  The CDC found that boys are four times likely to have autism than girls which has remained true since it was first discovered.”

An epidemic………

autism through the years

Personally I would like to see the focus on more educational, behavioral supports and other treatment options.  What is going to happen to our kids when they age out of the school system?  There aren’t near enough employment opportunities, day programs or group homes for this rapidly growing population.  In addition, I’d like there to be an easier path to obtain funding through the government.

I have spent the last year writing about Nick in this blog so that you can better understand the way he functions having Down syndrome and autism. I have crawled through the gutter like so many other parents.  What I think we all want most is support.  We also need understanding and compassion without judgment.  That along with a night of uninterrupted sleep. 🙂

autism and sleep cartoon

Yes my child is loud, try living with it 24/7…..

autism mute button saying



No, I didn’t change the light bulbs to blue on the porch or add lawn decorations like this person…..

photo (115)

I didn’t go out and get a *puzzle piece manicure.  It wouldn’t last anyway with all the cleaning up of stuff Nick has dumped out… April archives, Blog #3~ Getting your Goat for the full list.

autism manicure

But I do have a salon appointment to cover the grays Nick has put in my hair this Friday. 🙂  That’s what is in my noggin this week.  I will leave the lighting up campaign for everyone else and Nick with his flashing blue stim toy and blue water bottle… while I try to keep up in his world.

photo (121)

Seeing the world in blue, cool ……



autism ribbon

*The puzzle pieces are used to reflect the mystery and complexity of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD.)  It’s a puzzle that has yet to be solved.